The digital revolution has brought photography and the internet to the masses. With a cheap camera and a computer, anyone can produce images. Unfortunately many people needing good photography for commercial or personal use have been at the mercy of unprofessional and unethical individuals with cameras. Other times eager customers get stuck with traditional portrait/wedding studios that go through the same routine repeatedly for every client.

I think you deserve better! 

FotoBeauty is exactly what it says it is... 
a celebration of the visual sensations in our lives. 

Bob Werre, a professional commercial advertising photographer, with years of experience, experience, created the FotoBeauty concept to restore professionalism and creativity back into product, portrait and glamour photography.


We specialize in photographing people and objects in a manner that respects their beauty. A beautiful woman, a highly polished collector car, or a shapely designer shoe needs the proper attention to make that beauty a visual reality! You can call on FotoBeauty when you need photography for catalogues, brochures, websites, fitness/modeling/acting portfolios or to just capture a moment in time of the one you love.

FotoBeauty goes way beyond the usual to make a visual statement. We look for a great locations, build stunning studio sets, work with hair and makeup artists and quest for new ideas. All this leads to a photographic fantasy or an attention-getting fashion layout. The latest in truly professional equipment, our award-winning track record and full attention to our projects await your call. All our assignments are handled personally with professionalism and discretion.

What do you charge?    
Better photography is like anything else in life that is worthwhile.  Good photography done in the commercial field is a million miles from much of the mass produced photography from the department stores, mall kiosks and school photographers that we are familiar with.  FotoBeauty is always fairly priced for a truly individually custom made photo session.  We try never to over use our techniques, sets, or ideas.  We would be happy to meet with you, develop your ideas and then give you a price quote.

What additional costs can I expect?   
Customary pricing of the final print, headsheet, calendar, web site or brochure could involve a variety of costs, depending on your project..  During the planning for the photo session, consideration should be given to makeup, wardrobe, props, special backgrounds, and location costs.  The total costs for a glamour or fashion type shoot, with all the extras, is generally less than the cost of a wedding album that is seldom removed from the closet!

What can you do that the portrait guys can't?
At FotoBeauty we are capable of making beautiful images that look like they belong in national ads or articles you find in magazines.  Whether it’s Vogue, Maxim, Victoria’s Secret, Playboy etc.  We often do more than just use a typical portrait background, we build sets, prop them, find neat locations, We carry our professionalism through the process of expert retouching to advertising standards and finally to the final print or digital files.

Can you do some touchup? 
Certainly even with the proper lighting and makeup some computer retouching might be necessary. As true artists we put our visionary touch to our images.
Do you work with men?  My new boyfriend looks hot! 
Certainly, in my career in photography I have worked with many male actors and models.  I also have worked with many teens, and younger children.  

What should I do?  I’m certainly not centerfold material, but my husband wants some photos of me! 
I believe that if you have the desire to go beyond the typical hum-drum portrait, we can help, and you might be very surprised.   Much of what we do stretches traditional limits, without making our subjects uncomfortable.  Many times it’s the clothing, props, and the sets that provides a setting that sets the viewer imagination in the right direction.  
How do I prepare for a photo session? 
Depending upon what we are trying to achieve, it might take considerable discussion and planning to make a photo session outstanding and fun!   I normally suggest looking at magazine ads and feature articles, calendars, posters, music albums and even fine art collections.  We all are influenced by what we see, so if we like something let’s use that as the basis of our photo series.  Maybe a trip to look for outstanding wardrobe is in order.  Show us any locations you might like to consider, whether it be a backyard pool, a tide pool in the Caribbean, or a Victorian house in the country. Consider props like cars, boats, motorcycles, and above all make the session fun!